Sadism And Masochism (Sm)

Sadism and masochism, which form the second part of the definition, refer to the type of relationship that includes physical pain.

Sadism: Taking pleasure in inflicting pain on or humiliating another person.

Masochism: Enjoying pain or humiliation.

It is the application of sexual arousal and pleasure in the form of beating-beating, humiliation-humiliation, bonding-bonding, or torture-torture. Sadists and masochists may find activities that everyone finds painful to be enjoyable. Sadomasochists have a very wide spectrum of activity. In scenarios that include humiliation, bondage, spanking, whipping and biting, they take different roles by using various sex toys. Slave rules, safe word choice are planned again at the beginning of the relationship.

In sadomasochistic relationships, one of the participants wanting to play the same role all the time, having an intense and repetitive sexual desire for an unusual object, obsessing with that object and causing distress to the other participant and/or himself is considered as sexual perversion and is called “paraphilia”. .

Most sadomasochists are heterosexual, but they can also be individuals of any sexual orientation. Sadomasochism in men can be seen from childhood, while women decide to experience it at a much later age by learning from their partners or friends.

There are many theories that try to identify the causes of sadism and masochism. Some psychologists argue that classical conditioning is a possible cause. According to this theory, any ordinary event where pain and sexual pleasure coincidentally occur in childhood causes the child to learn these two emotions together. Another theory sees sadomasochistic behavior as an attempt to forget one’s self and the real world, just as drugs do. One focuses on this painful experience and makes it enjoyable in order to forget oneself and the real world.

How To Ensure Security In Bdsm?

BDSM requires more of all the precautions that have been said about safe sex in habitual relationships. Individuals who want to have such an experience must be very careful and attentive in finding other individuals who have the same opinion as them. It is common practice, especially for those who do not know each other, to conduct a preliminary interview to obtain approval for BDSM activity. In this meeting, the parties form the framework of the relationship for themselves, on issues such as what is done to the slave, which behaviors are acceptable and which are not. The choice of words to be used to terminate or slow down the activity is also important for the safety of people.

How To Treat A Slave?

In a BDSM game, when the slave may have the most say is when the terms are set. How to treat the slave is determined completely in line with the wishes of the slave before the relationship begins. In this respect, masters prefer to play the game with slaves who are aware of what they are doing. It doesn’t matter if the slave is male or female, once the rules have been established; the master can treat him as he pleases, shape him as he wishes.

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