Be Familiar With The Resources And How To Utilise Them

BDSM can incorporate a wide range of sex-initiating devices. Common items include impact play instruments (such as whips, paddle, and canes) and bondage equipment (such as handcuffs, hoods, spreaders, collars and binders), but you can also play with needles, knives and chopsticks, vibrators and dildos for penetrations, blindfolds, candles/wax, bondage furniture, and even fuck machines if you want to get more creative.

No one expects you to be an expert in all of these areas, but you should be able to use and maintain your tools safely. Find out what’s inside, whether it’s waterproof, and how to keep it clean before you use it.

Don’t forget about safety as well. For example, whip use necessitates practise. The use of toys, such as whips, can lead to unintentional contact with your partner’s body. Never aim at the vaginal, clitoris, or penis areas because they are above the organs.

The use of certain tools can bring up issues you weren’t aware of in the past. Be aware of how much weight your furniture can support and how to set up a space where you can completely hang someone if that’s something you’d like to experiment with.

Do your homework before diving into your fantasies by reading the instructions, searching for tutorials and videos online, and even talking to other DIY enthusiasts. Many people recommend finding a mentor to show you the ropes, both literally and figuratively.

Plan ahead and have an emergency supply kit on hand

BDSM’s first rule is to always be ready for anything. In other words:

Always keep a phone nearby so you can call 15 or 18 if necessary (firefighter).

Never leave a close friend or family member unattended.

Make two copies of all of your keys.

To quickly remove the binders, have scissors (a spare pair is recommended) or bolt cutters on hand.

Drink plenty of water to stay healthy.

Use only items that have been sterilised to make the cuts.

Avoid touching any skin that has been damaged.

A first-aid kit should always be kept on hand. If you’re going to be playing with candles or other open flames, have a fire extinguisher handy.

Bruises and skin inflammation should be treated right away.

Certain risks, like those associated with suspension, suffocation, or mummification, may not have been addressed. So, before engaging in any BDSM activity, make sure you’ve done your research and understand the dangers.

This BDSM rule is important because taking precautions can often prevent the negative effects of BDSM in an emergency or over the long term.

Allow Yourself Some Time To Return To Reality.

We must not forget to mention the tracking as we come to an end of this list of BDSM rules. Treatment of your partner physically and emotionally after a scene of stimulation, masturbation and orgasm can be very demanding. It’s a good idea to bring something to drink, a snack, and a blanket. Use a balm to soothe the irritated areas.

Other types of aftercare include hugs, hot showers, and massages, to name a few. Keep in mind that both dominant and submissive individuals can gain from the example set by the people they follow.

As you can see, this list of BDSM rules is far from complete. However, we’ve included some of the most important ones so you can safely explore BDSM without sacrificing sexy pleasure.

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